With heaven,
I plead with you,
never withhold your touch from me.


If ever I err,
for I am only human,
chastise me as you deem just,
but do not deny me your touch.


To my malady,
your touch is but a remedy.
It purges me of my insanity
and gifts me tranquility.


Let me lie in your arms,
Where depression knows nothing
but bliss.
I want to ever feel your touch
that cast out unrepentant legions.


You can whip me all you care,
and you can twist my ears to your delight,
but in all you do,
never deny me your touch.



Photo by Torsten Dederichs on Unsplash

When the music stops playing,

and the dance ceases,

and there’s nothing to laugh or beam about,

I will be here for you,

standing strong as a pillar to hold your bridge.

Will you rely on me?


When colors fade off,

and time is swept away,

with the rain washing off

our relics of excitement,

you will see me here standing by you.


They say happiness is not always constant

and health can be fleeting.

When your hairlines might have receded,

and your beauty no longer can

sweep any man off his feet,

I will be here,

loving you like it’s only a minute ago we met.


After I must have passed my time with classiness,

and I no longer can attract

as I did you,

will you be here,

seeing handsomeness

in my ugliness?



Your legs ache
and feel as if they will break.
I watch as you watch me watch you,
writhing in discomfort,
Or should I say acting discomfort?
Expecting that I give up this stool
to save your breaking legs.
Sorry, Cynthia.
I am a feminist too.

Tell me, Nkechi,
What have you stolen from the snake world?
Because I will not understand
why a black mamba will pay you a visit
in your secured residence.
Now you've run to me
to beat a farewell drum
to your uninvited friend.
Who told you I'm from a family of snake hunter?
Sorry, my dear.
I am a feminist too.

If we must act against simple honesty,
then we must do it well and nice.
What is worth doing at all
Is worth doing well.



Taiyewo Fawole

A creative writer who's fascinated by Africa and African tales. He enjoys music and preying on conversations.